Third-Dimension Tastants™

Create complete flavors with Third-Dimension Tastants
Enhance your product flavors and texture with unique trigeminal tastant sensations.

Add a new dimension of flavor to your applications
Whole Flavors natural Third-Dimension Tastants™ ingredients comprise a group of taste-active molecules fractionated from milk that provide unique sensory impressions through transient receptor potential (TRP) sensor mediations. 

Our tastants activate transient receptor potential (TRP) channels that add the “third dimension of taste” beyond tastebuds and olfactory detection. Unlike traditional fatty acid or lactone flavors, Whole Flavors tastants activate taste, olfactory and TRP channels.  It’s what the Japanese call kokumi:  a sixth sense that enhances and modulates other flavors and sensations—whether salty or sweet, rich or buttery.  

Flavor and Texture Enhancement
While classic flavor and textural qualities are defined as sensations from mechanical processes like pressure, thickness, viscosity and crispness, our Tastants provide molecular texturization that deliver enriched mouthfeel, creaminess, astringency suppression and textural complexity.

If your application needs flavor enhancement, complexity or off-flavor modulation, let us show you how our tastant technology can bring the third-dimension of flavor to your formulation. 

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