Third-Dimension Tastants™
Sensory Expressions of Whole FlavorsTastants
Whole Flavors Third-Dimension Tastants enhance/modulate various perceived sensory characteristics of food flavors at very low concentrations (<5 ppb) through several distinct sensory expressions. Although Whole Flavors tastants were commercially introduced as kokumi (roundness, fullness, continuity) flavor substances, as new scientific understandings of sensory perceptions continue to evolve, it is apparent that the flavor modulating properties of these tastants extend well beyond those of classically defined kokumi compounds. 

Specifically, Whole Flavors natural alkylphenol tastants provide the following principal, concentration=dependent, fundamental sensory (flavor) effects: 
  • Authentic, unique dairy flavors with milky and creamy flavor notes
  • Classically-defined, authentic kokumi msg potentiating flavor effects
  • Potentiation of sweetness intensities
  • Non-calorie sweetener metallic sweetness quality purification
  • Potentiation of saltiness intensities
  • Salt metallic/chemical taste quality purification
  • Sourness sharpness suppression with smoothing and rounding
  • Capsaicin heat suppression with smoothing and rounding
  • Astringency suppression with pseudolubricity sensations
  • Alcohol-burn suppression with smoothening and aroma enhancement.
  • Pseudoviscosity enhancement with fluid thickening sensations
  • Pseudofattiness with butterfat-like mouthcoating sensations
  • Pseudomoistness with meat juiciness mouthfeel sensations