Third-Dimension Tastants™
Newly Emergent Science and Technologies

Recent fundamental taste physiology discoveries of basic, new “TRP” (transient receptor potential) flavor perception receptors are revolutionizing the fields of flavor chemistry and sensory science. Whole Flavors dairy-derived alkylphenol tastants function extensively in flavor recognition through their specific perception through several “TRP” receptors. 


These previously unrecognized “TRP” taste receptors provide those formerly missing “third-dimension” flavor notes which round-out and complete the human perception of a food flavor, i.e., they provide necessary “depth” to complex, desirable flavors, including milk flavors.  Dairy alkylphenol tastant third-dimension flavor notes support traditional taste substances, (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami) perceived through taste buds and aroma substances, (volatiles) perceived through olfactory cells in the nasal cavity.


Through complex interactions with the two-dimensions of taste through taste buds and aromas through olfactory detection, Whole Flavors dairy-derived alkylphenol tastants are additionally sensed through “TRP” receptors thereby providing the only accurate, natural, concentrated flavor of milk.