Third-Dimension Tastants™


Whole Flavors Liquid Concentrate and Enhanced Dairy Powders provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of flavor challenges including off-flavor modulation, astringency suppression, richness enhancement and alcohol-burn purification.  Our products are designed for all food and beverage applications, (protein beverages, beverage alcohol, wine, dairy, confectionery, bakery and savory).
Our Liquid Concentrate Tastants are 700X concentrated and are available in 55 gallon drums and totes.  Labeled "Natural Flavor", our concentrate is shelf stable, withstands high heat (retort) processing and contains no proteins, fat, carbohydrates or allergens.
Our tastant technology has been incorporated a wide range of milk and whey powders to deliver true milk flavor, suppress fractionated milk and whey off-flavors and deliver food and beverage significant cost-reduction dairy solids.  Our enhanced powders include:
  • Enhanced Milk Protein Concentrates
  • Enhanced Whey Protein Isolates
  • Enhanced Whey ProCream
  • Enhanced Milk Solids
  • Enhanced Sweet Whey
  • Enhanced Whey Solids